Outtakes from NYC: ABC Carpet & Home Holiday Decor

by Lindsay November 21, 2013

Last weekend we spent four wonderful days in New York City. Although it was a very busy trip, I made sure to set aside some time to peruse ABC Carpet & Home, my absolute favorite home store. They were preparing for the holidays and were in the process of opening their latest venture, ABC Market, so I made sure to snap a gazillion photos to share their incredible products & styling.

(On my DIY to-do list post-holiday is to enlist my husband to help me build a plywood table like this one. I’m not sure where it will go but I love the rawness of it and the pop of color on the inside)

I love these simple white holiday decorations. So winter-like yet chic at the same time.

How adorable are these hand-beaded animals from South Africa?

The styling of this table caught my eye right away. The branches in the background paired with the Buddah and self-help books was the prefect juxtaposition.

ABC Carpet & Home was in the process of opening it’s new artisan market. There was a length of hot pink tape from the entrance of the store leading downstairs into the market… I had no choice but to explore what the tape path was leading to.

These Christmas ornaments. I could cover my tree in them. However, if I did, I wouldn’t be able to afford any present to put underneath it. Dilemma.

These bright colors scream my name.

Chocolate from around the world. Surely it must taste as good as it looks (see that pink tape again?!).

Another hot pink table. I don’t know if I would be bold enough to put a table with hot pink legs in my house but the concept of purchasing a table at the flea market or consignment store and painting the legs a pop color is definitely right up my alley. Adding this one to the DIY to-do list also.

What I appreciate most about ABC Carpet & Home is that the vast majority of their products are made by artisans near and far. They do not replicate products they find at French flea markets, they purchase those items and sell them directly. I have found antique French school desks there. They have a full section of the store dedicated to Nepalese handicrafts in addition to gorgeous hand-dyed and finished textiles, hand-crafted lighting, and an abundance of hand-thrown pottery. These are not inexpensive knock-offs made in China, but authentic works of art.

When I was young we used to joke about how incredible it would be to be locked in to the mall overnight. That sounds more like a nightmare to me now (a mall, for 12 hours, no thanks!). However, being locked into ABC Carpet & Home overnight would really be a treat. There are so many floors of wonderfulness, I simply cannot take it all in in a couple of hours. The inspiration is delightful and overwhelming all at the same time.

Profitez bien!




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