Diamond Organic Throw Blanket - Bluebell

  • Lush throw blankets in a beautiful, contemporary diamond weave. Hand-loomed in Turkey on the same looms as our Turkish Towels. These mid-weight blankets are gorgeous all-occasion throw blankets. We wear ours as a heavy scarves during the winter (they're so cozy and warm!) and throw them over the back of guests' chairs to use as wraps while dining outside on chilly fall evenings. Bluebell with elegant hand-twisted ecru fringe.

    > modern style with timeless appeal
    > hand-loomed in Turkey from 100% organic cotton using eco-friendly, naturally-dyed threads
    > loomed on traditional shuttle-style looms
    > launder beautifully - grow softer and with use

    Details & Care: Machine wash cool, tumble dry low. No bleach or fabric softener. 400 gram weight. 64" x 40"



  • The families we work with are some of the last families in Turkey that loom all of their textiles the way they have been loomed for many hundreds of years - on old, shuttle style looms from exclusively organic cotton threads. The weavers are paid fair wages. Most work in their village or family units to weave and finish our blankets; frequently the men loom the pestemals while women prep the threads for looming and twist the fringe on each completed blanket.

    By purchasing our throw blankets you are not only purchasing luxurious throw blankets that your family will enjoy for years to come, but also proving a livelihood for artisan families and helping to ensure the art of looming is passed down to future generations.